Arnold Arboretum Engagement

Arnold Arboretum Engagement Photos

Arnold Arboretum engagement photos are stunning. The park is full of beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. Every turn has a different backdrop, each more beautiful than the one before. Located in Boston, the Arboretum is easy to get to and a great option for those in the city that want a more rustic feel to their engagement photos.

Harvard Arboretum Engagement



Arnold Arboretum Engagement

Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum engagement photos would not be complete without sitting in a field of flowers. With the spring dandelions in bloom behind the rolling hills of lilac bushes, we found the perfect spot. The ocean of yellow flowers was the perfect place for the young couple to steal a kiss.


Arnold Arboretum Engagement

Harvard Arboretum engagement sessions are wonderful. The park provides numerous backdrops, from cement stairs, stone walls, trellises, and wooded paths. If you are looking for a wonderful spot for Boston engagement photos, the Arnold Arboretum is it!

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